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We will not ask for a dime until the work is completed to your satisfaction!

If and when mistakes happen, we will fix them and make it right.

We have a reputation of trust and honor with our clients and that will continue.

We have a reputation of trust and honor with our clients and that will continue.

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What we Offer

As a Shield Solar provider, we offer competitive local solar development servicing expertise. We have a track record of delivering high-quality solar PV systems. We pride ourselves on having the best customer experience: including education, design, and application for state and federal rebates.

What are the key components of a solar panel system?

solar panels

When you have several solar panels as part of your solar system, they are referred to as a Solar Array. As mentioned earlier the solar array’s job is to absorb energy from the sun and convert this energy (sunlight) into Direct Current electricity (DC electricity).

Net Meter

A net meter, also referred to as a smart meter, measures the electricity flow that your home exports and imports to the grid.


The inverter is the brain of a solar system and has the role of converting DC energy that is received from the solar panels into AC electricity. This is then fed through the switchboard for a household to run off this electricity.

Battery Storage

Solar batteries can be installed to store energy for later or simply overnight. Essentially, storage batteries allow a PV system to operate when the electric grid is not available.

Utility grid

The grid is the system of electricity that flows back and forth between homes, businesses, industrial buildings, and power sources. The solar panel system could actually help feed the grid, unlike the old system which always sold energy one way. 

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Work with your Solar Expert to lay out a plan that best fits your needs. We work with small to large projects. 

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We handle the permitting, site assessment, and utility company coordination. Our installation team will come onsite and wrap up your project in a few days. You just sit back and watch those gorgeous panels go up.

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Once your system is connected, we’ll help you claim your incentives while you start enjoying free energy. Congratulations! You are now producing clean energy and keeping money in your pocket.

Roofing and Solar Solutions in Texas

Shield Roofing and Solar is dedicated to providing our clients with top-quality solar and roofing solutions that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

We’re also experts in all aspects of roofing, from repairs and maintenance to complete installations. Whether you need a new roof or a simple repair, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of roofing services.

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How much do solar panels save in 2023?

Residential solar panels not only help you reduce your carbon footprint, they also help you save money on your utility bills, as well. Rebates and incentives like the federal solar tax credit can help you save even more and make installing solar panels even easier.

How much you actually save depends on many factors including your power usage, local electricity rates, and the size of your solar system. So, when you see statistics on how much solar energy saves on average, those numbers aren’t taking all of these personal details into account.

Solar Energy
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you install a solar energy system on your property, you save money on your electricity bills and protect yourself against rising electricity rates in the future. How much you can save depends on the utility rates and solar policies in your area, but going solar is a smart investment regardless of where you live.
Solar power, like other renewable energy resources, has many environmental and health benefits. Going solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, and also results in fewer air pollutants like sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, which can cause health problems.
The easiest way to find out how much you pay for electricity (and how much electricity you use per month) is to take a look at your utility electricity bill. Review EnergySage’s guide to reading your electricity bill to find out exactly what to look for.
Net metering is the system that utilities use to credit solar energy system owners for the electricity produced by their solar panels. With net metering, you only pay for the electricity that you use beyond what your solar panels can generate. Net metering policies differ from state to state – from Massachusetts to California – so make sure to do your homework ahead of time.
Studies have shown that homes with solar energy systems sell for more than homes without them. However, your property value will only increase if you own, rather than lease, your solar panel system. In most parts of the country, going solar will actually increase your property value more than a kitchen renovation.
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Solar monitoring systems provide a real-time snapshot of solar energy production data from your home solar system. 

A good monitoring system can tell you when one or more panels (aka “modules”) isn’t producing as much energy as others, or whether there’s some sort of electrical fault causing you to miss out on precious kilowatt-hours (kWh).

You can use solar monitoring to track your system’s performance over time, assist in troubleshooting various problems, track your solar investment’s financial performance, and give you peace of mind that everything is working as it should.

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When it comes to the installation of your residential or commercial solar panels, it can be difficult dealing with proper permits and protocols. Shield Solar will work with all the necessary organizations and people to make it as easy on you as possible. 

From the site survey to the permit process to the actual installation, Shield Solar handles every step of the process. 

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Solar panels generally require very little maintenance in order to function. The only thing they need is a periodic light cleaning to make sure dirt, leaves, and other debris aren’t obstructing the sun’s rays. The only time you may need more extensive maintenance is during periods of heavy snowfall, or if your panels’ energy output starts to decrease. 

If your panels are tilted, you’re in luck: rainfall actually clears away debris that’s accumulated on them. However, during the dry season or extended periods without rain, it’s important to clean them manually. It is generally recommended that you perform solar panel cleaning between two and four times per year. The good news is that this doesn’t require much work.  All you really need is a leaf blower or a quick spray with a garden hose, and your panels will be clean and in top condition.

In winter, you may need to clean your panels after a heavy snowfall. If you’re using water to clear the snow away, make sure it’s lukewarm. You can also use a squeegee with a long handle. Just remember, never use hot water when clearing snow off the panels. The panels are made of tempered glass, and the extreme temperature disparity between hot water and cold panels can crack them.

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Since all homes are built differently we will provide options for you and work with you to determine the ideal location to install your inverter. 


An inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a solar energy system. It’s a device that converts direct current (DC) electricity, which is what a solar panel generates, to alternating current (AC) electricity, which the electrical grid uses. In DC, electricity is maintained at constant voltage in one direction. In AC, electricity flows in both directions in the circuit as the voltage changes from positive to negative. Inverters are just one example of a class of devices called power electronics that regulate the flow of electrical power.

Fundamentally, an inverter accomplishes the DC-to-AC conversion by switching the direction of a DC input back and forth very rapidly. As a result, a DC input becomes an AC output. In addition, filters and other electronics can be used to produce a voltage that varies as a clean, repeating sine wave that can be injected into the power grid. The sine wave is a shape or pattern the voltage makes over time, and it’s the pattern of power that the grid can use without damaging electrical equipment, which is built to operate at certain frequencies and voltages.

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We will not ask for a dime until the roof is completed!

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